What equipment do you need to kayak?

What equipment do you need to kayak?
Kayaking is an excellent sport for those looking for but yet it does bring with it a particular degree of risk. Safe kayaking trip is recommended. In fact, some of this stuff is similar to safety equipment used in fishing expeditions and may be referred to as kayak fishing equipment. Kayak equipment falls into the category of either river equipment or ocean equipment, but differences between the two are minor to the extent that some kayakers use both.
The first piece of safety equipment that is considered when it comes to water sports is the life jacket. It is most certainly right that this is a critical piece of safety equipment, but there are more as well. If you are into kayaking, then you need to educate yourself on what items kayaking equipment will not only help to give you a most pleasant kayaking experience but keep you safe as well.
Your lifejacket as said, of course, is a priority. Be sure to educate yourself on how to know which type of jacket is going to provide you as an individual with the most protection.
You should consider a helmet if you are going to be riding the rapids or kayaking in rough terrain. A life jacket will help you not sink, but it’s not going to protect you from a head injury in the event your overturn in rough rocky waters.
Then you need to consider what safety equipment you would need for potential emergencies. Although no one can foretell with any confidence what type of emergency could arise when kayaking there are probably some common ones. One of these is losing your paddle. You have a couple of options here. One is you can use one of the many devices available for hooking your paddle to your kayak. The other is carrying a smaller collapsible type kayak paddle that will serve to get you back to land.
Another most valuable piece of equipment that you should consider is a proper towing device. If for some reason you are not able to control your kayak then you can be towed to safety by another kayaker.
Your kayak adventure should dictate the type of safety equipment you need. If you are just going out for a few hours, then you do not need the same kinds of precautions that you would need if you were going out on a 2-3 day trip. A standard is a first aid kit which is available in different sizes dictated by the kayak trip duration. The type of first aid kid you use must be one that is specially designed for outdoor wilderness. The sort of injuries which can be nurtured from kayaking are far different then you would experience in a vehicle mishap for example.
You need to educate yourself about proper kayaking clothing. With the correct choices, it will act as safety equipment and protect in the case of an emergency such as tipping or becoming stranded.
Study every item that is available to you as equipment as a kayaker and makes sure you know how to use it to its fullest potential with safety being the priority.
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What’s the difference between a kayak and canoe?

In the review, where the kayak offers the most enjoyable kayaking experience, I decided to compare three completely different types of kayaks.

To get a true reflection of each kayak performance, I used the same standard TGP paddles when using each boat. I also enlisted the help of two friends to compare notes.

The inflatable kayak Sevylor Ranger KRC79 (which is similar in design to the Canadian canoe and can be taken from the position on the lap), Yak Sport by Ocean Kayak and Sundance Perception Kayak were kayaks used for this review. All three boats have the same size, class and price range, but all three kayaks have their peculiarities, pluses, and minuses.

Storage and Portability

The inflatable kayak gets maximum values ​​here because of its ability to be packed into the storage space, and its mobility does not require additional costs, acquiring additional accessories for kayaks, such as expensive canoe carts and roof racks.

Both plastics sit on top and a traditional kayak for perception, which was ideally used for storage in a shed or garage, and it will need a roller or canoe, as well as a roof rack that will be transported at any distance.

This said that kayak for perception was the easiest transfer to short distances, and both plastic boats do not require you to pump them up before the trip.

Performance and comfort on the river

No doubt, it is here that the Sundance Perception kayak is suitable for speed, tracking, and maneuverability. On a calm river, Sundance spends all kinds of two kayaks.

Sitting on top of the kayak has a wonderful sense of space, since you are not imprisoned in the cockpit, and you feel with the river, but that’s probably because you are! Unfortunately, the comb of weeds and seaweed full river on the sit on top of the kayak means that you are eventually covered with duckweed and everything else that the river has to offer.

Also, like an inflatable kayak, tracking on the seat from above leaves much to be desired. However, I would have thought that if the river flowed quickly, Yak Sport would have been much nicer.

The inflatable kayak has one excellent advantage in long-distance travel, and it is a factor of comfort. While the kayak “Ascent” and “Yak-sport” are like comfortable kayaks, and during a long river way, inflatable kayaks can be the most convenient.

The inflatable kayak also offers the best storage for your kayak accessories with space behind the kayak seats and at the bow. Bungee cords on the bow and stern allow even more to adapt to additional accessories for kayaks, which means that this boat can be taken on very long trips.

The perception kayak does have enough space for a day trip using both bungee cords at the bow and stern, and also the space behind the seat. Carrying out any accessories for kayaks on the seat from above is almost impossible and is a certain drawback.

Productivity and comfort in the sea

In the sea, sitting on the top of the kayak is no equal. The conditions of the surf are what Yak Sport was built for. Due to its stability and tilted bow, it can splash wave surfaces and lips all day, and you will never tire of playing in the surf on this boat. Maneuverability and control are outstanding in waves, even without the use of hips.

The inflatable kayak is too big and heavy to maneuver in any surf, and, like a kayak perception, is better suited for calm coastal paddles. The ranger has its drainage at the stern and is stable enough in any water, so the river of white water will be better than playing in surfing. You will need to equip Sundance with a spray skirt to avoid spraying boats with water.


It is almost impossible to separate these boats from determining the most pleasant experience of kayaking, as they all do well in certain areas and have significant shortcomings in others.

If I lived in an apartment or did not have a garage or a barn, I would have to go in a kayak on the North Ranger. If I had children and I lived near the sea or as a second kayak, I would become plump for “Ocean Kayaks Yak Sport.” It depends on your requirements.

Of the three, and without having to consider any variables, I always chose the Sundance Perception kayak for its universal versatility. It has enough space to store enough kayak accessories for a long journey. It is also comfortable with an adjustable kayak seat and is great for good speed and tracking for a medium-range kayak.

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What to look for in the perfect kayaking spot

You need to understand the basic rules of kayaking in order to fully enjoy the kayak adventure and make sure that you also have the tools you need to learn how to ride a kayak as soon as you start.

Basic instructions for kayaking are similar to those used for most types of water sports, such as canoeing, white water rafting, etc. It is recommended to take a base class that teaches about kayaks and the basics that you need to know before you leave to the kayak. It’s also good to always go kayaking with a friend or two.

Many kayaks are built for two people. There are also kayaks for singles and groups of three and four. Some people love the silent, methodical movement and the feeling of slipping on the water in solitude and serenity – however, if you are kayaking for the first time or if you are just a beginner, this is not the best offer to go out alone on the water – in case something goes wrong .

Below are some examples of basic kayaking rules. It will be important to know – preferably from the hands of the instructor. Many kayak resorts offer kayaking lessons for beginners, which include both training and underwater adventure. So do not be scared. It’s a wonderful summer sport that I know you would not miss.

· First you need to know how to stretch the muscles before kayaking:

Kayaking is an extreme exercise for the muscles of the upper body. You need to stretch your hands very well, and if you already have muscle tone on your hands and back – you will have a great advantage because you will not get tired as quickly as someone who is not so strong.

However, kayaks on a regular basis are a great way to create the upper body strength. Therefore, if you live near a suitable place for kayaking, you may want to use this fun, relaxing and popular sport as a form of exercise that you will enjoy.

· How to sit in a kayak properly:

You will want to make sure that you are sitting on the kayak correctly from the very beginning, you will need to know how to sit properly so that your boat does not become unstable and you do not risk overturning. This is quite easy to do, many kayaks make it very understandable and convenient. However, this is much better than described.

· How to hold the paddle:

As with the canoe, etc., you will need to know how to hold the oars so that you can maintain a firm grip, as well as the ability to control the kayak the way you want.

· The correct methods of rowing:

Of course, you will need to know more than just grab the paddle, but how to use the paddle for steering. It’s easy to get stuck, turning the kayak in a circle that can not only upset you but also keep you and separates you from the rest of the group.

· Waterway regulations:

There are many kinds of kayaks, ocean kayaks, river kayaks and kayaks designed for use on lakes or more calm waters. For each type of water, your kayak will have certain rules pertaining to the dangers of kayaking in such types of waters, what to expect and how best to manage your kayak when you are having fun there.

No matter what kind of kayaking you do this season, be sure you know what you need to be more careful and keep yourself safe by having a great time. Kayaking has always been my favorite kind, and also my whole family. This is an activity that we all can enjoy together.


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